A Women’s Guide to Moroccan Fashion


Ideas and Fashion Inspiration for a Moroccan-themed Party


Moroccan fashion has become increasingly modernized in recent years, yet Moroccan women today continue to wear three classic Moroccan gowns known as djellabas, caftans, and takchitas. These three unique dresses are diverse in the materials they are made of and their styles. However, all of the different gowns reflect the traditional style of Moroccan garments.

A djellaba is an outfit that can be worn around the town or at home on days when there are no formal occasions. Djellabas are long-sleeved, unisex gowns, which have a head cover or hood. Typically, these gowns are made from cotton or wool.

For special celebrations such as weddings, women wear caftans (sometimes spelled kaftans) or takchitas.

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Caftans have been worn by Moroccans since the era of the Sultans. Despite the older style of caftans, they remain the most popular choice for modern brides selecting their Moroccan wedding dresses. Bridal caftans are colorful and typically made of silk. Often, they are elaborately detailed with intricate, floral designs.

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Unlike caftans, Moroccan takchitas have two layers. The first layer, called Tahtiya, is a long and basic garment with no design. Whereas the second layer or over-dress, called the Fouqia or Dfina, has a more elaborate design. This second layer is usually a caftan with beautiful embroidery and beading that buttons up the front of the gown with traditional sfifa and akaad closures. These tiny corded ball buttons and loops are distinguishing features of all Moroccan gowns.


In contrast to caftans, which are typically worn loosely, Moroccan takchitas are tightly cinched with a belt known as an Mdamma that is made of silk, gold, or silver, and ornamented with jewels.

Takchita Moroccan Caftan 2012-emoo fashion -5 caftan10

Present-day Moroccan fashion is truly a blend of traditional Moroccan outfits, current trends, and modern style requirements. Designers have begun to adapt the styles of Moroccan attire by creating sleek outfits with lightweight fabrics, while preserving the traditional Moroccan designs. Although the younger generation has embraced this modernization of Moroccan dresses, traditional gowns are still extremely common and popular in Morocco.

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